Tim Degner has over 10+ years of design experience. Design is the foundation of Tim's approach. He studied Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art & Design. He'll make your ideas come to life whether it's transforming complex data into simple visuals or creating beautiful artwork for the a new product. He converts quick sketches into high-fidelity products. Tim has spent years in the apparel industry working with a wide range of consumer products.

> Infographics
> Presentations
> Dashboards
> User Interface
> Illustrations
> Prints & Textiles



Tim loves data. We live in a world with more data than ever before. Let's do something awesome with that data. Let's turn raw data into information. And information into insight. Tim loves analyzing and finding insight, reducing it to it's core elements. Let's explore the data and discover the analytic narrative. In short, Tim helps make the world an easier place to understand.

> Data Exploring
> Trends + Research
> Workflow Analysis
> Executive Summaries




Design has always been more than just making pretty things. It's about function, it's about the experience, it's about how the product makes you feel. It's about problem solving. This is where strategy comes into play. It's the consumer's overall holistic experience.

> User Experience
> Brand Marketing
> Digital Strategy
> Social Media Content
> Consumer Journey